Captain’s Treasure

Captain’s Treasure a Pirate Theme with Great Rewards

Captain’s Treasure is game with a theme of a treasure hunt by pirates. The background will have you believe you are on the hull of a pirate ship, together with the Captain and his motley crew. Captain’s Treasure is a popular game with everyone as you can play with low coin denominations, and still have the opportunity for winning big rewards. This game is by Playtech Gaming, and has five reels and twenty pay lines, and an interest pirate soundtrack. The game offers thirty nine possible winning combinations, most of them derived from combinations using at least three of the regular symbols appearing together.

Pirate Symbols and a Wild Symbol

The symbols of Captain’s Treasure are crossed Swords and a Treasure Map, and an Anchor and Ship’s Wheel, with the lower value symbols consisting of the standard playing cards from nine through to Ace. There is a Wild symbol, which is the Captain himself. This Wild only appears on the second, third and fourth reels, and can substitute for any other missing symbol in the winning combination. What is a little different in this game, however, is that the Wild can also replace the game’s Scatter symbol to form a Scatter winning combination. Any combination that is completed using a Wild to form the win, will have that payout automatically doubled.

An Unusual Scatter Symbol Function

The Scatter symbol in Captain’s Treasure is the Treasure Chest. This Scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the reels. When it does appear twice, or even more times, the Scatter winning combination will be formed. A Scatter winning combination will give the player a payout with a multiplier of one, if the Scatter appears twice. If you make a winning combination with three Scatters your multiplier will be five times.

Four Scatters will have your payout multiplied by ten times, and if your winning combination includes five Scatters, your win will be multiplied by a huge one hundred times. Scatter symbols must be consecutive, although they do not have to appear in any specific pay line. In Captain’s Treasure pay lines can win even when read from right to left as well as from left to right. Any winning combination has to begin on either the left most or right most reel to be successful.

A Progressive Jackpot Is Available

There may not be a great variety of bonuses offered in this game, but one of the main features in Captain’s Treasure is the possibility of winning the progressive jackpot. This is one of the slots games belonging to the Dollar Bill Jackpot. This means that there is a chance of winning an uncapped jackpot win, as every time a player anywhere places a bet in the game, there will be an amount added to the progressive jackpot pool.

This jackpot can also be won in part, and even if the jackpot had just been won, the provider will place a “seed” and make sure that the player is still has a chance of winning a great prize. You can enable the side bet in the upper right hand corner of the screen, to activate the play for the jackpot.

Captain’s Treasure is successful when played on any mobile device too, whether Android or iOS.

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Bunny’s Rabbits Aristocrat Slot

Bunny’s Rabbits Aristocrat Slot Game will Suit All Players

Bunny’s Rabbits will demonstrate to all players again why Aristocrat Technologies is one of the leading developers of casino online games in the industry today. The game is easy for all players to play, whatever their level of expertise, and still remains very exciting.

This game has a fairy tale theme, with knights and dragons and witches. Instead of the usual five reels, Bunny’s Rabbits Aristocrat slot game has only four. This four by four pattern makes every symbol in the slot game act like a reel. This game has only ten pay lines, four rows and four columns. Each reel has four positions, so there are sixteen positions altogether. Apart from one line in each of the four rows and four columns, there are two win lines that occur diagonally.

Fairy Tale Theme and Symbols

There are a host of fairy tale symbols, a green Dragon, a pink Teapot, an orange Cat and a Rabbit which is Wild, and also a red Rose and a Knight. You will see a Witch, who is another Wild, and as such can replace all other symbols in a winning combination, except for the red Rose, which is the Scatter symbol. The Wild Rabbit can replace all the mystic symbols, except for the Wild Witch and the red Rose to form a winning combination.

The betting limits in Bunny’s Rabbits Aristocrat slot game are also pretty irregular. The total wager for Bunny’s Rabbits Aristocrat slot game is the bet per line multiplied by the number of lines being played at the time. You can choose how many lines you want to play, and the coin bet per line.

Rewarding Scatters In the Bonus Rounds

When he Scatter symbols appear on the reels, the bonus rounds are activated. Four red Rose Scatters will win you five free spins. Every additional red Rose will give you extra free spins. Five red Rose Scatters will give you ten free spins, and six will earn you fifteen free spins. If you land seven Rose Scatters on the reels you will be awarded twenty free spins. All the symbols are stacked one on top of another, so you can actually get eight red Rose Scatters if you are lucky. This will award the biggest bonus, and you will get twenty five free spins.

The special symbols in Bunny’s Rabbits Aristocrat’s slot game are the pink Teapot, the Wild Rabbit, the orange Cat and the Knight. There is a unique feature of the free spins bonus round. The Wild Witch can suddenly appear and fly across the reels. She will turn all the symbols showing on the reels, the pink Teapot, the Knight, the Dragon and the Cat into the Wild Rabbit. You can even have two Witches randomly fly across the reels, and if this happens, all the Teapots and Cats you may have on your reels will be changed into Wild Rabbits, and these will remain for the duration of the free spins round. They also trigger more free spins rounds by creating more winning combinations.

Also a Gamble Feature

Players in Bunny’s Rabbits Aristocrat slot game have the option to use the available Gamble feature. You can try to guess the colour of the next card drawn, and if your guess is correct you have your winnings doubled. You can then try to guess the suit of that card, and if your guess is correct you will have your wins quadrupled.

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Bonus Deuces Wild

The Attraction of Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker

One of the more popular video poker machines available at online casinos, Bonus Deuces Wild provides the basic attraction of these machines that has made them so sought after by casino aficionados. The blending of poker with online slot games that was born all the way back in the 1970’s has made for an extremely widespread, and thoroughly appreciated type of casino game. In the case of Bonus Deuces Wild, this game effectively blends poker’s 5 card stud with a good old fashioned slot machine. The result is a game with a hefty following. Complete with fast paced action, good design and attractive form.

The unique aspect to Bonus Deuces Wild is having the two card, known as the deuce, become a regular wild card. This means the game has improved odds when compared to regular video poker.

Playing Bonus Deuces Wild

Starting the video poker game of Bonus Deuces Wild is intuitive and easy. Players begin by choosing how many coins they intend wagering. A simplified option is to simply click the Bet Max button, and stake the maximum amount on the game. Five cards will then be dealt. Players can throw up to five cards away, and need to select the cards they wish to retain by clicking the hold option on each card. The rejected cards are then replaced, after which pay outs are effected according to the pay tables. Winnings at Bonus Deuces Wild all have the Gamble play option, and the winnings can be doubled simply based on the prediction of the colour of a face-down card. In this way the winnings can be doubled repeatedly, but an incorrect prediction will result in the total loss of the winnings.

Bonus Deuces Wild video poker game is offered at most good casinos for free play. This can be accessed via the instant play option or via a downloadable online casino app. Casinos will also be offering bonuses such as deposit and reload bonuses for players wanting to compete for real money stakes.

Achieving a Win at Video Poker

The winning hands in Bonus Deuces Wild are ranked according to standard poker rules. The notable additions in this game are the Five of a Kind hand ranging from 6s to Kings, a Wild Royal Flush, Five of a Kind made up from 3s, 4s, or 5s, Five of a Kind with Aces are all available due to the wild card addition. Of the highest possible hands, Four Deuces, or twos, are the third highest hand, Four Deuces with an outside Ace the second highest, and the highest hand of all is still a Royal Flush not using a deuce.

Payouts Due to the Deuces

The payouts in Bonus Deuces Wild ranges from Three of a Kind and a Straight, which pay out even money to the Royal Flush that pays out at 800 to 1. With the maximum stake available, this translates to a win of 4000 coins. With odds obviously being affected by the deuces being wild, a Full House and Four of a Kind both have only a 4 to 1 payout. The new hands that are possible with the deuces are additional winning options and include Five of a Kind from 6s to Kings is paid out at 20 to 1, the Wild Royal Flush paying out 25 to 1, Five of a Kind made up of 3s, 4s, or 5s, which pays 40 to 1, and the Five of a Kind made up of Aces that pays out wins at 80 to 1. Bonus Deuces therefore has several more winning options, and thus markedly increases the action and fun.

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Bingo download

Development of Bingo Download Options

The fact that the Internet casino-playing community is so large means that there will be some significant advantages for players. Most leading casino software providers will be providing bingo games in the most convenient possible format for players to enjoy. There are three different ways to access bingo games, generally speaking.

The first option is the casino bingo download, whereby players receive a free casino and bingo game download and after downloading and installing the software, the games can be enjoyed with optimum graphics and gameplay. The second option is similar except targeted at the mobile market. Windows, Android or Apple bingo apps are provided at the relevant app store, also generally at no cost. The third option is to play the game directly from the site through the web browser.

Bingo Gaming Trends

The latest statistics and details regarding casino play have indicated that bingo enjoys a special place in the casino game compendium. Bingo is the one casino game that has been accepted into mainstream behaviour and is generally seen as a social game without labels of deviance and, in fact enjoys an attitude of benevolence from many societies due to its common association with fundraising efforts.

This view as soft gambling has meant that there has been a large change, or drift in the demographic of the bingo player. Whereas bingo was often seen as a game for the elderly, or for men specifically, nowadays that largest bingo market are young adults.

Influence on New Market Development

The influence of the new bingo market has had an influence on the way the game of bingo is presented and played. With more and more young adults playing the game than ever before, increasingly the various bingo apps are being utilised as this young demographic is also the most mobile market ever. The easy access that is gained to a bingo site and games after the initial bingo download of an app is the convenience that these younger players demand.

Online bingo sites have always been happy to provide download versions of their bingo games since it is one of the ideal ways for casinos to demonstrate the very latest in online graphics, sound and effective, smooth game functionality. The only concerns that players have with these bingo download options are that they take some time to download, use up space on the smartphone memory and, being a download, contains some risk.

The Bingo Download Selection

Casino sites, and bingo sites too, are tending towards no download play as the most popular option. Initially using macromedia flash, but now the more ubiquitous HTML5 to facilitate this instant play capability, bingo can be played directly and instantly online in a format compatible with all mobile devices. The only challenge is to ensure constant internet access.

A bingo download, either as an app or as a package of computer games is probably the ideal way to enjoy bingo play. Bingo, although played at a high pace, with constant medium to high level excitement is nevertheless a game that takes somewhat longer than some other casino games to play. It is for this reason that the bingo download options, particularly the bingo apps, are proving the most popular overall.

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Beverly Hills 90210

Beverly Hills 90210 Based on the Well-Known Television Series

Beverly Hills 90210 was a television series from about twenty years ago, portraying the lives of a band of friends at the West Beverly Hills High School. The series ran for ten years, and the friends grew up and became involved in many of the issues of the time. The cast of the series became well known to their many viewers, and there was a new series made in 2008. The slot game, however, is based on the original series.

The main symbols in the game are the main friends in the series. These are Kelly, Steve, David, Donna and Brandon. If you earn a win with any of these symbols an animation will be activated, featuring that particular character. There are also the traditional playing card symbols, from nine to Ace, and they are framed in different coloured stars. The soundtrack of the game is the soundtrack of the television series.

Famous Characters Are the Symbols in the Game

Beverly Hills 90210 has five reels, and 243 ways to win. To win any reward you will need to land at least three identical symbols together on the reels, reading from left to right. These can appear in any position on the reels from the left, to guarantee a win. The symbol with the highest value is Brandon, and will pay a good sum for five in a row. Kelly is the next most valuable, and David, Donna and Steve follow in the value of the symbols. The playing cards have the lowest value, but still offer a nice bonus for five in a row. You may even find an occasional spin that pays from right to left as well as left to right, which gives you lots more ways to win.

Another bonus game to look out for, is the random Transformer round. In this bonus round a number of symbols will be changed to the same symbol as the Transformer symbol, which can lead to some huge wins.

Scatter Symbols Activate the Bonus Round

The Wild symbol in Beverly Hills 90210 is the red Sports Car, and this symbol can substitute for any other symbol in a winning combination, apart from the Scatter. The Scatter symbol is the Logo of the slot, Beverly Hills 90210, and this symbol will activate the free spins round if you get three or more on the reels.

The free spins round begins with an extract from the series itself. The cast are larking around on a beach. You will be asked to choose between the boys and girls. Each of them will give you a very different round of free spins. If you choose the girls, you will be given a round where each free spin will see up to five symbols being kissed by the girl’s lips, and they then turn into Wilds. If you choose the boys you will see a football turning up at least three reels Wild at any of the spins. The number of free spins you are warded will depend on the number of Scatters you land to trigger the feature. You will get eight free spins if you find three Scatters, and fifteen if you find four Scatters. Finding five Scatters will award you twenty five free spins. Depending on the number of Scatters you land, you will also get immediate wins of five times, fifteen times or even thirty times your total bet.

Beverly Hills 90210 should appeal to all fans of the original television series.

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best lottery to play

What is the Best Lottery to Play?

The internet has irrevocably changed life on earth. Shopping will never be the same again, business is completely altered in every respect and the gambling industry is becoming charitable. Seems that the best lottery to play these days is when it is linked to a charity or cause.

Lotteries are loved by everyone. Hope springs eternal in the human heart, and despite the appalling odds, millions of people put money on lotteries every day. Online capabilities plus convenient access multiplied by a dream of riches equals a huge industry.

Most National Lotteries nowadays provide funding to charities, the arts, and sport. The low cost access to lottery play ensures a healthy income and steady support to many important causes.

Charity and Fundraising Lotteries

Over and above these National Lotteries, the best lottery to play for any caring player would be the charity and fundraising lotteries. The potential for players to win at these lotteries is at least as good, or possibly better, because often charity or non-profit lotteries have a finite number of tickets or participants.

One of the attractive aspects to lottery play has been that getting involved and participating is relatively easy. Purchasing lottery tickets online or offline depends on the lottery and country regulations, but generally has been made as easy as possible so that everyone is able to participate.

Lottery Play in an Online World

The online lottery purchasing option is clearly going to be where the greatest growth is evidenced. Most of the roughly forty five authorized lotteries around the world have enabled players to buy their tickets online, and tempt them with money prizes they can scarcely dream of. The success of all lotteries is dependent on the number of participants, and they will therefore always be seeking ways of increasing game participation and access.

Statistically the chances of winning at lottery play is close to zero. In certain economic circles lotteries have been called Stupid Tax due to the extremely low odds that given any other situation would be roundly laughed at. Nevertheless, the lotteries will keep pointing out that week after week new millionaires are being created, and this lure is far too great for most people to resist. The dream of becoming a millionaire overnight is universal, and many, many people are going to compete in lotteries today. The argument is, given the fact that ultimately the money spent on lottery tickets is money that is going to be effectively thrown away, the best lottery to play would be one where that money instead is given to a charity or non-profit. A charity lottery would hold the same possibility of low cost and potentially incredibly high winnings, but at least the non-winning tickets are contributing to the betterment of society.

A Better Option Now

Many people believe that a new economic dispensation is on its way. The concept of a circular economy is gaining traction, and already in some areas online casinos, lotteries and gambling venues are managed and run by charities. This allows for gambling to be justified by players as a donation to charity, and establishes casino and lottery play as a sustainable non-profit business model.

The obviously powerful urge to gamble should be a way of generating charitable funds and monies that can then be used for social projects and social good. Wouldn’t this structure make for the best lottery to play?

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BDBA Megaspin

BDBA Megaspin One of the Most Popular Slot Games

BDBA Megaspin is one of Microgaming’s most innovative slot games, and probably one of the most often played games of all the great slot games that Microgaming has produced. It gives players another chance to play the extremely popular game that came out first, Break da Bank Again.

This Is Actually Four Games in One

The BDBA Megaspin game is really four online slots games in one. There is an incredible nine times four pay lines on each of the five reels, offering a huge variety of ways to win. This BDBA Megaspin version of the game gives players the chance of playing four games sessions at once. Players will get all of the same great features as they will find in the original single game of Break da Bank, only four times the action at one go. There are four different playable mini screens in this game, so all your chances of winning, whether through the pay lines or the special features, are quadrupled.

You can spin five reels on all four of the games with the maximum wager and real money credits. It is necessary to place the wager on all four of the games at once. The amount of each win is calculated by the bet per line, multiplied by the special index that you will see in the payment table on the side of the screen.

Symbols Are the Same as In the Previous Game

The symbols are all recognizable as connected to the reels of the earlier game, Break da Bank Again. You will see piles of cash, gold bars and coins, the door of the safe, and even some diamonds. There are also the standard playing cards that form the lower value symbols, from Ten through to the Ace. The Logo of BDBA Megaspin is the game’s Wild, and this symbol can act as replacement for any other symbol in a winning combination, apart from the Scatter. This Logo also gives a five times multiplier to any win, and is also used as part of the free spins round to give a multiplier to the free spins wins.

Free Spins Feature

The Door of the safe is the Scatter symbol. Three or more of the Scatter symbols appearing on a reel of one of the boards at one time will trigger the free spins round. Three of the Scatter symbols will award you fifteen free spins, four of the Scatters will get you twenty free spins, and the appearance of five of the Scatter symbols will award you twenty five free spins. Whatever the number of free spins awarded, you will also receive a multiplier of five times on any win you make during the free spins round. If, however, the BDBA Megaspin Wild Logo is used to form any winning combination during the bonus round, you will earn a multiplier of twenty five times for that win.

BDBA Megaspin will suit the tastes all fans of the previous game, and all players who enjoy playing and wagering on unusual games. There is certainly the chance of some very good wins appearing very frequently.

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Arctic Agents

All the Species of Arctic Agents

All the action in Arctic Agents slots games takes place in the freezing wastes of the Arctic, with Penguins and the Polar Bear who is the villain of the piece, and a Killer Whale armed with pistols. The agents are all species of animals, and you will see an Arctic Fox wearing spectacles and carrying bags of money. There are also some iceberg hut hideaways decorated with gems, and later there will be some snow cat robbers making an appearance. The background is blue and white and cold looking. The symbols with the lower value are the standard playing cards, from Ten to the Ace.

Arctic Agents is a Microgaming production, and has five reels and nine pay lines. It is a slot game that will appeal to most players, whether beginners or regular players, as it is easy to play, and follows Microgaming’s winning formula. Potential bonus opportunities are greeted with some happy animated fanfare.

The Penguin is the Main Secret Agent

The Penguin with a gun and a top secret briefcase is the hero of Arctic Agents, and is also the Wild. He can substitute for all other symbols in a winning combination, including his female partner, but excluding the Scatter symbol. Wins obtained from winning combinations in which the Wild forms a part, are automatically doubled. During the free spins bonus round all Wild wins are multiplied by twice whatever the set of the multiplier is.

A Lucrative Free Spins Bonus Round

The Scatter symbol is the Ice Pyramid headquarters, and if you land three or more of them anywhere on the reels you will trigger the free spins round. During this round you see why this game is called Arctic Agents, and you have to choose one of the five Penguin agents, to see which free spin mission you will be going on, and what your prizes will be. You could be awarded three free spins together with a multiplier of fifteen, or five free spins with a multiplier of ten, or ten free games with a multiplier of five. There are more options that you could be given, like fifteen free spins with a multiplier of three, or finally, you could be given twenty free spins with a multiplier of two.

The Scatter Symbol

If you find more Ice Pyramids Scatters on reels 1 or 5 during the free spins bonus round, you will activate a random multiplier of anything from two times to fifty times your total bet in Arctic Agents. This will be on top of any extra wins you may make during the free spins round. Three or more Scatter symbols will also give you a good payout, with a very good prize offered for five Iceberg Scatters appearing on the reels. The free spins bonus round cannot be retriggered.

There is no progressive jackpot in Arctic Agents, but there is a pretty good jackpot of 12,000 coins that you can win. This slot game is a game great for new players, or even those players looking for a more easy going game than Microgaming usually produces. The game play is fairly simple, but the bonus games do get activated regularly.

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Age of Discovery

Age of Discovery a Dangerous Sea Voyage in Times Past

Age of Discovery is a slot game full of exploration and discovery in the time of Christopher Columbus and the century’s old seafaring journeys to explore and navigate far away islands. Age of Discovery has five reels, three rows and twenty five pay lines, and is the typical high quality game from one of the leading games developers, Microgaming.

The Symbols All Relate To Sea Journeys

The reel symbols in the online slot game Age of Discovery are the Maps, Sextants and Compasses that you would expect, as well as different exotic fruits from foreign shores, like mangoes, avocados and pomegranates. There is the Sailing Ship and its Coat of Arms, as well as gold Coins to serve as your currency. There is also the Sea Dragon, to remind you of the dangers of the uncharted seas.

All the graphics are well designed and well drawn in bright colours, and the sound track is also very pleasant. You will be travelling all over the world in search of new lands.

A Huge Jackpot Is Available

To win a prize in the Age of Discovery slot machine, you need to land three or more identical symbols on an active pay line, except for the banana. You can win a prize with only two bananas appearing on the reels. The most valuable symbol in the game is the gold Coin, and five of these Coins symbols appearing on an active pay line can pay out 6000 coins for every coin that you stake on the pay line. If you bet the maximum ten coins, you will win a massive 60 000 coins. That is a great jackpot to win, in any slots game.

The gold Coin is also the Wild in the Age of Discovery, and as such can substitute for any other symbol in a winning combination, except for the Scatter symbol. The Sea Dragon is the Scatter symbol. Three or more Scatter symbols appearing anywhere in this game, even if not on a pay line, will reward you with a great payout.

The Treasure Bonus Game

There is, additionally, a bonus game in the Age of Discovery slots game that is appropriately called the Treasure Bonus Game. This bonus game is activated by landing three Compasses on reels three, four and five. You are shown a Treasure Map with thirty treasure sites marked on it. You pick one of the sites, and you will win the Treasure that was hidden on that site. You can keep picking more treasure sites, and winning the treasures that they have kept hidden, until you find one with a Skull and Crossbones. That means you have come to the end. You can win a huge amount of coins in this bonus round.

The Age of Discovery is an engrossing slot game that takes you back to the days of the European voyages. This slot machine also offers some very high payouts and profitable bonus rounds. This game can be played for free as long as you like, before trying it with real money.

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3 Card Poker

Attention Drawn to 3 Card Poker

Poker is of such popularity that it has evolved into literally hundreds of different poker games. Different types of poker are constantly being reinvented and rediscovered. One of these games that is returning to the spotlight, and adds to the poker game multitudes is 3 Card Poker. This is an action-rich, abbreviated poker game that combines the games of Caribbean stud poker with Let It Ride.

Winning at this Poker Variation

The basic objective of 3 Card Poker is to achieve a three card poker hand that is either better than the dealers’ hand or contains at least a pair or higher, or both. The game starts with players placing an ante bet. The ante can be placed against the dealers’ hand, on achieving a pair or better, or on both options.

The player and the dealer are then dealt three cards each. The dealers’ cards are dealt face down. The player will then review his cards and decide whether to fold or to play. Should they decide to fold, then they will lose whatever ante bets have been made. If the player decides to play, a further play bet equal to the ante has to be made.

The dealer then reveals his cards. In order to qualify it has to contain a queen or better. If the dealer has a hand that qualifies to play further, the players’ cards are revealed and a poker showdown happens. Should the player win, they are paid out at even money.

Should the dealers’ hand not qualify, the player receives even money on their ante bet. The play wager is returned as a push.

Features of the Card Game

One of the most attractive features of 3 Card Poker is that beating the dealer pay out regardless. In 3 Card Poker, should a dealers’ hand fail to qualify, the players’ hand is nevertheless played out according to the pay table, based on standard poker hands. Up to a Straight is paid out at even money, Three of a Kind wins at a rate of 4 to 1, while a Straight Flush gets the player 5 to 1.

Betting on their hand being a pair or better means the dealers’ game has no bearing on the bet at all. Pay outs are conducted on the game bonus aspect. A Pair pays out at even money, a Flush pays out 4 to 1, and a Straight 6 to 1. The top rewards at 3 Card Poker are Three of a Kind, which pays out 30 to 1, and a Straight Flush that wins at a rate of 40 to 1.

Just a Few Benefits

The benefits of having borne the game rules, and stayed the reading course, are some strategic tips. In 3 Card Poker play like the dealer. With a hand of queen or better, either bet in the play spot or fold. Hands of a pair or better will be dealt 1 in every 4 hands. Given the odds on offer, this becomes a pure game of chance. The dealer will qualify with 2 hands out of 3 dealt. Four out of every ten ante hands placed should end up winning an ante bonus.

The game of 3 Card Poker makes for a good action level poker game. Playing against the dealer like blackjack, and then against the poker three card odds is a unique poker variation.

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