Exotic bets explained

What are exotic bets?

When we hear about a bettor that has walked away with an exorbitant payout at the races, we can almost always assume that an exotic bet was placed. Exotic bets are a form of horse betting that requires a bettor to predict the outcome of more than one factor. So instead of betting on which horse will win, bettors can bet on the order of the winners. The odds that accompany these bets are huge as the probability of accurately predicting the outcome of these races is pretty low. This being said, many bettors prefer these bets over any other horse betting as the rewards are astounding.

Types of exotic bets

There are four main types of exotic bets, each having different probabilities attached to them and offering different odds. These bets form the basis of a single race. Multi race bets are also available, but will use very similar betting methods to the ones listed below.

An exacta bet

With and exacta bet bettors will place a bet on the two horses that will finish first and second in the race. The order that these horses complete the race in here is important to win the bet.

A quinella bet

This is where a bettor will wager on the two horses that will finish first and second however the order is not important. If both horses that were picked place first or second the bet will payout to the bettor.

A trifecta bet

As the name suggests, bettors that place a trifecta bet will need to accurately predict the first, second and third horses in the race. The horses will need to finish in the order that the bettor picked in order for this bet to payout.

A superfecta bet

A superfecta is any horse bettors best friend, the odds are very low on this type of betting, however it is absolutely worth the risk for any bettor. This is where a bettor will accurately predict the outcome of the race right down to the fourth horse. It holds a very low probability of winning however it is not unheard of and bettors that have won superfecta bets have received massive payouts for very little investment.

Multi race exotic bets

Multi race bets will offer any bettor that wants to take their exotic Geelong Cup betting further the opportunity to do so. Multi race bets are basically making any one of the four main betting types and spreading them across more than one race. For example, a bettor may try to predict the exacta for three races, instead of one. This will increase the odds three times and will receive a massive payout if executed correctly. Bettors that do these bets can bet with a very low amount and walk away with jaw dropping amounts in payouts. With multi race bets, bettors may place wagers across three to six different races meaning that there is a possibility of increasing the of up to odds six times making the payout life changing.